WTH is EDC? June 25, 2010

Having a well-stocked, rural retreat does no good if you aren't able to get there when it hits the fan.  Of course, most of us can't walk around with all of our gear on our backs every day, either.  What is a prepper to do?  A BOV (bug out vehicle) with a GHB (get home bag) are great.  I have a GHB in my daily driver that I am also outfitting as a BOV.  But what if I am not near my truck?  Maybe I'm in my office, or out in the city conducting business...  Maybe I'm just out to dinner with the wife. 

Things happen, that's why we prepare.  I just put together a small, discrete, EDC (every day carry) kit that I can have with me pretty much anywhere I go.  It won't raise alarm, nor will it make people look at me as if I have three heads. 

So what is it, and how can you build one?  First off, this will work for me.  Your situation is going to be different.  Take what I have done, and use it as a launchpad for your own EDC that will fulfil your needs.

The other day, at Lowe's, I found a durable, nylon/Velcro cell phone pouch that came with a AAA flashlight, a small carabiner, and what seems to be a very strong belt clip.  It was only $5.99, so I picked it up with this project in mind.  How much useful gear can a person get into a cell phone pouch?  You'd be surprised.

I've got my key ring (truck, truck tool box, house, office, and handcuffs), the AAA flashlight, two good size alcohol prep pads, a 2"x2" sterile wound dressing, a small roll of surgical tape, two surgical gloves, five adhesive bandages, a tube of Chap Stick 15 SPF, a small Sharpie marker, a Swiss Army Knife (I recommend only genuine Victorinox or Wegner - don't waste your money on an off brand SAK), and about 6.5 feet of 550 parachute cord.  Everything is intended to be used for a small local emergency, or to aid me until I get additional help or back to my BOV or home.  The only additions I foresee making are including one of the half-sized Bic disposable lighters, and trading out the cheapo flashlight that came with the pouch for a Mag Lite Solitaire which is about the same size, but much better quality.  I will also add a barrier mask for CPR and use a black Sharpie to subdue the logo on the flap. 

Does that little pouch hold all that stuff?  Take a look for yourself...
I can have this with me whether I'm wearing short and a t-shirt, or in my suit at work.  When someone needs a bandage, I'll have one ready and hopefully strike up a conversation about basic preparedness.

I hope all my readers will get inspired to make their own EDC kit.  It can be done very inexpensively, and the time will come when you will be glad you have it.

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  1. Great idea. I carry a pouch every day with a Leatherman tool, mini-mag,magnesium firestarter,asst bandages,small knife sharpener and a sharpie as well. Everyone's used to me carrying the pouch since it was something I always carried to do fire inspections. I keep spare keys and some bandaids in my wallet. I even laced a spare truck and house key in my boot laces. I didn't think of paracord, gonna have to find a spot for a few feet. Great post! (Dawgus @ TSP)


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