Earl, again... Sept. 2, 2010

No prep work today, we were ready!  Of course, it turns out that here at the house we won't even get a stiff breeze from him.  But no matter, everything we did (except put all the patio furniture in the shed or hooked to the fence) was stuff that needed doing anyway.  Cleaned up a pile of old scrap wood, cleaned the gutters, reorganized my GHB, etc...  I don't feel like anything was unusual or an over reaction.  I felt really good about our status if Earl came or if he doesn't.  At work, I spend quite a bit of time in the city EOC today and then briefing my bosses.  They appreciated my efforts to keep them up to speed and the readiness information that I was able to share. 

Earl won't have much of an effect on us here in the Old Dominion.  I'll be interested to see how the Outer Banks fare and my friends up in Massachusetts.  If you are in the path of Earl, please leave a comment to let us know.


The Latest on Earl Sept. 1, 2010

Well, our buddy Earl is still at it.  He is back up to Cat. 4 @ 135 mph.  He's spewing hurricane force winds for 90 miles and tropical storm force for 200 miles.  They've done a full evacuation of Ocracoke Island, NC (rumored to be where Blackbeard hid much of his treasure - maybe some will wash up!) and removed all non-residents from Hatteras Island.  Most of the NC coast is under a Hurricane Warning, most of the coast from Va. up to Delaware under Hurricane Watch.  The rest of the East Coast clear up to Maine is under Tropical Storm Warning or Watch, and Cape Cod, Mass. is under Hurricane Watch.

It looks like the Outer Banks will get a heavy, but glancing blow, and Virginia will get some as well.  The rest of the coast is still any one's guess.  Where I work, in Newport News, will probably get heavy rain, 45 mph winds, and storm surge combined with high tide at 4:30 a.m. to go up to 4 feet above normal.

Today I wrapped up my last minute preps.  I bungee corded my one remaining trash can to the fence (the others are empty and in the shed).  I got 10 more gallons of gas treated with Star Tron (32 total, about 3 days of judicious use in the generator).  I adjusted my 72 hour kit in my GHB (Get Home Bag) in case I get stranded at work.  I added some clothes, rotated the food, added a poncho, and my hardhat & safety glasses.

I'm pretty confident that we are ready.  Living the preparedness lifestyle keeps us ready for most things, with a few acute last minute adjustments.  Are you ready for Earl, or whatever else life throws at you?