Prepper Ponderings Aug. 2, 2010

Here we are again with some Prepper Ponderings.  Short notes about various topics.

Storms a-brewin'

Tropical Depression 4 has formed in the Atlantic.  If the projected path and duration hold true, we could see some tropical weather in my area about a week from today.  I tested the generator a couple weeks ago, but will do it again tomorrow and rotate some gas cans. 

Speaking of gas, you know it goes bad, right?  I'm sure that, like me, you always relied on Sta-Bil to keep your gas a bit longer.  A friend recently turned me on to Star Tron Fuel Treatment.  It is way better than Sta-Bil.  I had some older gas, already treated with Sta-Bil in my generator and it was running pretty rough.  Star Tron not only preserves gas, it also revitalizes.  I put a splash of Star Tron in the genny's gas tank, sloshed it around, and started it.  The thing ran like I had brand new, high octane gas in it.  Amazing. I had the same results after refreshing my lawn mower's gas.  Star Tron is now required for all my storage gas.

Another concern for an approaching storm is water.  We have enough stored water for about five days.  Also, we are on a well and the genny will run the well pump if we lose power.  My biggest concern is with excessive rain dirtying up the well water.  For that I have a filter.  Even if you are on city water, a good quality filter can be a great asset.  How many times have you heard about localities issuing "boil water" orders because of a failure in the treatment system?

The New Pioneer

This is a new annual magazine from Harris Publishing, the same folks who bring us Tactical Handguns, Guns of the Old West, et. al.  The editor is Nancy Tappan, widow of one of the early leaders in the survivalist movement, Mel Tappan.  Among the authors are specialists in a wide range of preparedness topics, including N.E. MacDougald, managing editor of Survive magazine back in the 80's.  At $9.95, this is pretty steep, but considering it is an annual, not out of line.  The articles run the gamut from guns to rural land to organic seeds to flea market treasures.  It will inform and entertain the camouflage commandos, the hemp shirt hippies, and even we regular folk.  The articles are well-written and researched.  I suggest you visit your local bookseller to find a copy.  They do not have a website and don't seem to be available through Amazon or through subscription.

Va. Disaster Prep

As part of my efforts to help people prepare for what life brings them, I have started consulting business, aimed at the concerned family, with no personal mentor available.  Please check out my website and let me know if you think this is viable.  A prepper friend who is a lawyer and an entrepreneur put the idea in my head when I was telling him about this blog and some other things I am working on.  He said a lot of people want to prepare, but don't know where to start, and don't have the time or interest to do a lot of research.  He thought there would be a market for someone to provide that guidance, so I'm giving it a try.  I don't think I'll be able to retire from this gig, but I think I can help a lot of folks and make some decent side money at the same time.

That's it for today.  I'll try not to be so long between posts, I promise!

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