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Earlier today I posted this CNN article on the Facebook page.  Sales of luxury bunkers are up 1,000%.  I'm not sure how they are measuring that, but that's what they say.  The primary focus of the article is the Vivos company and thier underground luxury shelters that will support 200-950 people for up to a year.  They have private rooms, a bakery, medical and dental facilities, rec rooms, and even a jail section for those who can't behave.

The article quoted a Los Angeles retailer who put down $20,000 ($5,000 for each family member) to ensure a space in the 950-person capacity shelter now being constructed in the Nebraska prairie.  Once Vivos has deposits from 475 people, they will take them on a tour of the shelter and then they will need to pay the remaining tab, $20,000 each.  So, this guy will need to drop $100,000 dollars for his family to have a place underground with 946 strangers.  Wow. 

These people are doing nothing to prepare themselves, just expecting they can buy survival.  If I was in his shoes, expecting true TEOTWAWKI and had the $100,000 in L.A., I'd buy a several acre patch either in the California mountains or in Nevada, put a mobile home or used RV on it, and spend the rest on supplies, a well, solar, and a garden.  Maybe some junk silver coins with whatever is left.  The underground luxury shelter in Nebraska probably would be better in the event of a nuclear war, but does anyone think a family will be able to get from L.A. to Nebraska quick enough to get sheltered?  In a gradual descent, the rural retreat will be much more livable than being trapped with strangers.


  1. http://www.terravivos.com/ - pretty nice digs. Reminds me of the back story for the video game series Fallout, though.

  2. The people that seem to be buying are the type that can't imagine living without all of their day to day luxuries. They want to be in a shelter where they can still have activities, (somewhat) gourmet meals, recreation areas, and large living quarters. I don't see these type even attempting to survive in a simple cabin at a BOL as many of us know them.
    They can drop their $100k and have nothing to do but show up. They don't have to plan, build or hire contractors, find a location, stock it, keep it maintained, or really, do anything at all.I see it as buying into a survival condo with all utilities included. To me,this doesn't mean they're surviving. It means they're hiding.
    Imagine a major generator failure in one of these places with 950 people who can't do a thing for themselves. Chaos sealed in an underground cement box...no thanks.
    These places remind me of Land of the Dead, where Dennis Hopper's character built an oasis of sorts in the middle of a zombie infested world,which was of course, exclusively for those who could afford it.

  3. I see this more of the movie 2012 (spoiler for those who have not seen it yet). You get a bunch of stupid rich people to "buy their ticket" for this place and you only expect half to be able to make it to the entrance in time before it is sealed shut. Who is to say the the people who built and run this place is going to let you in even if you did pay $100k for condo share. What law enforcement if going to come banging on the door of this place to say, "hey, they own part of this place, let them in...". Plus, who is going to be the "staff" for these people to run this place when "It hits the fan"? Or a better question, who would want to be staff for these people??


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