Canned Heat

Canning for Dummies

I've never canned before.  We eat very little jelly or jam, and my wife doesn't come from a family history of canning.  She's been reluctant to dive into yet another "project."  But we love salsa and chips, and I just put in some jalapeno plants in the garden.  She asked if we would have enough to make our own salsa, and how long it would keep.  I told her that even if we don't get the crop this year, we can always get stuff at the farmer's market, and anything we canned would keep for at least a year or two under good conditions.  I then told her the difference between waterbath canning and pressure canning, and her interest rose. 

So, long story short, we picked up some canning equipment this weekend and will be able to start off with some basic salsa with this year's harvest.  I already had a Ball Blue Book, so we got 2 dozen Ball pint jars, extra lids and rings, a granite ware canning pot, and a Ball starter set with a funnel, side scraper, lid magnet lifter and jar lifter.

I'm really looking forward to expanding this side of our prepping activities.  And what a great way to spread self sufficiency - a nice jar of home grown and canned salsa as a present to folks.

The Heat is on for Top Shot

Tonight is the grand finale of Top Shot on The History Channel.  Local favorite, Ashley Spurlin, went out at the top 6.  It's now down to the top 4 shootout with one USAF sniper and three former Marines.  My money is on Gunny Brian Zins who lives in the small village in Ohio where my step-mom hails from.  He's a 10-time NRA pistol champion and seems to always pull it out.

No matter who wins, he will have earned it!  All of these guys are great competitors and marksmen.  I really appreciate that History is promoting the safe and fun use of firearms.


  1. Glad to hear that you are going to start canning. It is one of the prep's that I have high on my list. Money is the only thing holding me back right now. Once I can over come that I plan on putting up as much as I can. Top Shot is a great show.

  2. my husband got excited about canning after reading Jackie Clay's books, her cookbooks are his new "Bible" and a great resource...i highly recommend them


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