Danger, Will Robinson

Warning, Warning

Robot on Lost In Space had a very effective warning system whenever the family was threatend.  Since about 2002, the Department of Homeland Security has had a color coded warning system for our nation's threats.  It hasn't been percieved as being very effective.

Today the DHS announced a new warning system.  Instead of national alerts with little detail, there will be alerts only for specific information that indicates a threat.  Those alerts will offer information about locations, things to beware of, and types of threats.  They will also be of limited duration instead of lasting indefinately as the current ones do.

Here's a link to the DHS information page about the new threat warning system.

Another Price Increase

The Berkey Guy announced forthcoming price increases a couple of weeks ago.  Now, another sponsor, Survival Gear Bags, must do the same thing.  Kelly posted this on Facebook yesterday:

If you were thinking of placing an order, I would do so soon. A supplier is instituting Minimum Pricing, which will result in a PRICE INCREASE on most items. It will take me a a week or so, to get these changes into the site.

This DOES NOT effect the following product lines: Paladin, SOTech, EOTech, 5.11, BCB, Kaito, Ogio

Some price increase will be small and others large - Let me know if you have questions.

There are a lot of businesses out there that will spring price increases suddenly and take advantage of their customers.  The businesses in the preparedness community, as a rule, are much more customer oriented.  I'm very proud of all of my sponsors and their dedication to customer service.  Kelly has great stuff at very reasonable prices.  Check out Survival Gear Bags quick to make a purchase before his prices go up.


  1. i think you give the companies as a whole too much credit. i am watching the price gouging within the prep community ramp up as the sheeple begin to awaken. i think that,like ammo and ar15's a few months ago, the retailers/producers will overeact and a glut on the market will drive the prices back down as the sheeple go back to their"normal" lives. love your blog, by the way. more down to earth and relateable to John Q. Public than most...as a postscript, i am retired national guard fulltimer that worked in the emergency ops center quite a bit. i passed on an emergency management job for the state. i REALLY regret that one now. keep up the good work.

  2. riverrider, I think you have a valid point when it comes to the manufacturers and suppliers, but most of the retailers in our community do everything they can to keep their prices as low as possible. I know that they have pretty low profit margins and don't have a whole lot of room to absorb increases that the manufacturers institute.

  3. donald, roger that on the local guys. didn't mean to include them. i worked at local grocery in high school and early college, so i know how small some of the margins are, kinda like gas stations. they barely break even. a lot of the "little guys" around here are folding up.


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