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Field & Stream Ripstop Jacket

As the deadly band of storms moved into our area today, I was at work, and realized I don't have a lightweight rain jacket, so I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods.  I found a nice North Face rain jacket in olive drab.  It had a flap over the zipper, adjustable cuffs, hood and waist; the material felt nice, and it was $80.  I then found the F&S Ripstop Jacket for $40.  It's also OD, and has adjustable cuffs, hood and waist.  They say the material is "hydroProof ULTRA" and it's waterproof and breathable.  The material reminds me of the GI poncho I had in the 80s and 90s.  It's noisier than the other one, but half the price.  I got that one.

It fits well.  It's long enough to cover most of my backside.  I had my arm out the window coming home at 75 mph and it's windproof, just as they say.  It's more breathable than my old GI poncho, but it's no Gore Tex.  We had a gully washer storm come through a little while ago, so I wore it in the yard.  I stayed perfectly dry, so it works as intended.

Is it a fantastic rain jacket?  No.  I wouldn't want to wear it day in and day out in monsoon season in the jungle or on a crabbing boat on the north Atlantic.  But is it perfectly usable for wearing at work if I get caught in a storm, or having behind the truck seat with my BOB?  Sure, and the price is right, too.

The Storm

This has been a terrible storm system.  They are now saying over 280 deaths.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people who lost homes and loved ones.  I truly value my NOAA weather radio.  If you don't have one, please get one.  It's an extremely valuable piece of daily survival gear.  Every home and office in America ought to have one.

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