A Productive Day

An Early Start

I was up early this morning and got right to work.  Our niece and nephew spent the night last night, and by the time they got up, I had already gotten some projects accomplished out back.  I have not touched my garden since last fall other than spreading a few inches of horse manure before winter and building my cold frame a couple weeks ago.  I took a rake to it to smooth out and break up the manure.  I also found that under the immediate surface, it is some super dark, rich, loose earth.  I'm hoping it will bring in a great harvest this year.

I broke out the child size Bear compound bow and the target.  I think I got the little sight pin thing figured out, but the thing that supports the arrow on the bow while it is waiting to shoot is still not doing what I think it should be.  I'm not an archer by any means, so it's all trial and error at this point.

After the kids got up, I had some helping hands getting a batch of carrots and lettuces planted.  I then set out the tomato plants that have been starting in the shop under UV lights.  It was a beautiful day, and I wanted them to get a little bit of warm, indirect real sunlight.  We also got the garden thoroughly wetted.

We then broke out the .22 Rossi Youth Model and the nephew took a few shots.  He had fun, but his attention span wasn't really with it today.

The Afternoon

We took the kids back to their parents, then had the nephew's 6th birthday party.  On the way home, we stopped at BJ's and the grocery store.  At BJ's we got four 36-bottle cases of water, three 32-can cases of Diet Coke, and a four-pack of 9 LED flashlights, complete with a dozen included AAA batteries.  The flashlights were on sale for $7.99

At the grocery store, we picked up three cases of Diet Sprite that were on sale, and got two free 8-packs of Diet Coke as a bonus, three 2.5 gal. dispenser jugs of water, and four 3 liter jugs of water to rotate into my wife's car kit.  We also got some regular groceries and produce for the week.

I feel pretty good about what we got accomplished today between entertaining kids and going to the birthday party.  I'm planning for the productivity to stick with me for the whole week.

Sponsor Of The Week

Our Sponsor Of The Week is Shelf Reliance.  You know them for their amazing food rotater systems, but they also have the great Thrive brand storage food packaged in their own Utah plant.  They have some great and unusual varieties such as Mandarin oranges and Dijon rice with chicken.  If you've tried to buy other brands of long-term storage food lately, you've noticed that many are back ordered several weeks.  You don't have that concern with Thrive.  Of course, having your food organized and able to be easily rotated is essential, and the rotater systems from Shelf Reliance make that a snap.  Give them a visit, and please let them know you heard about them at If It Hits The Fan.

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