Self Reliance Expo

Last Tuesday, on The Berkey Guy Radio Show, Jeff spoke about his experiences at the Self Reliance Expo in Denver a couple weeks ago.  It sounds like it was a great time, and over 9,000 folks attended.  Jeff dropped the hint that Ron with SRE is planning to bring the Expo to other parts of the country in the future.  Ron has told me the same thing.  I'm encouraging him to bring it to the Richmond area.  We're within a days drive of 60% of the US population and with Jamestown and Monticello an hour (one East, one West) of Richmond, there are historic venues of self-reliance around as well.  If you are in the New York/Atlanta/Nashville/Cincinnati area, please send Ron an email to let him know what a convenient location Richmond would be.  The Expo is coming back to Salt Lake City on Oct. 7 & 8 this fall.

Sensible Prepper Conference

From the great turnout they had at the April 2nd conference, Sootch00 hints that he might be planning for another one later in the summer.  If you are in the Mid-Atlantic region, it sounds like the first one was fantastic and the next one will probably be even better.  I hope I can make my schedule fit it to go down.

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