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Great Backyard Shootout

We had the two sisters-in-law and their husbands over for a cookout last night.  One had said a couple weeks ago that she wanted to shoot my "noisy cricket."  That's what we call my NAA mini-revolver ala the alien gun Tommy Lee Jones gave Will Smith in Men In Black.  So, we set up a target and the two ladies and one husband took some shots with the cricket and my Glock 17.  It was the first time he had ever shot any gun, and one sister had never shot a handgun before.  They all shot just fine, and seemed to like it. 

Exposing non-shooters in a safe, but informal manner, can go along way to connecting them and taking away fear or misunderstanding.

Sponsor Of The Week

Our Sponsor of the Week is Shelf Reliance, home of Thrive storage foods and the Cansolidator Food Rotation System.  They have a great selection of recipes, a food storage calculator, and what they call The Q pay as you go storage food.  You decide on your total purchase, set your monthly budget, and they begin monthly shipments, charging you as you go.  Build up a food storage program without going into debt to do it.  Please check them out, and tell them you heard about them here at If It Hits The Fan.

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out. I read every post you put out. Your blog is always informative. Having the family shoot is pretty cool. You are right in the right setting and a safe one some people find that they just love to shoot and never knew it until they had the opportunity to do it away from a shooting range.


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