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Guerrilla Gardening

Until recently, when I heard the term, "guerrilla gardening," I thought of a hippie planting marijuana in a national park or a group of little old ladies sneaking onto the courthouse square to plant some flowers.  I've been hearing and reading more lately about survivalists going guerrilla to expand their growing capabilities.  I've been keeping my eyes open to possibilities for me to try.  I've been eyeballing a little wooded area behind the parking lot at work, but I think it's too shady for much.  Today I found another opportunity, and it was right in front of me.

We live across the street from an old one-room schoolhouse.  A number of years ago, the county deeded it over to a community group, but other than a fish fry once a year, it doesn't get used, doesn't have power, and is not even maintained.  About once a month, I ride the lawn mower over and knock down the weeds, about an acre and a quarter of them.  A line of scraggly pine trees separates the property from the road, and much of the view from my house.

As I was cutting the grass over there today,  I realized that it would be perfect for putting in some fruit trees.  I've been wanting to try some, but I need to clear some of the woods out to make room.  The Southern side of the line of pine trees is an open, sunny area.  With the addition of another 100 feet of hose to my front faucet, I can reach across the road to keep anything watered as it gets established.  Although I can't do anything to keep the deer away, it's so close, it'll be easy to pay attention, keep it pruned, and most importantly, harvest. 

Being on more or less "public" land, of course, anyone would be able to share of the harvest.  But my gut tells me that other than the occasional snack that a neighbor might grab off the branch, I think we'll have the vast majority of the harvest at our disposal.

So, are any of you guerrilla gardening?  If so, is it worth it?  Are others getting your harvests?  What are your circumstances?

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  1. Sounds like a great spot to do some guerrilla gardening to me. Does not sound like to many people will bother it or even care that you are using it. Nice find.


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