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Here's The Dam Houses

As the Mighty Mississippi spills over her banks and her levees get blown, she floods out countless acres of farmland, small towns, and homes,  some folks have taken it upon themselves to build their own dams around their homes.  Check out these amazing pictures and stories of self reliance.
DIY: This home in Vicksburg, Mississippi is surrounded by tons of earth and sand as its owner tries to hold back the floodwaters from the Yazoo River

I Plan On Posting Tomorrow

I'm sure you've seen all the hype about the group that is predicting the Rapture this Saturday at 6 p.m. (apparently rotating through all time zones at local time).  I'm not a Biblical scholar, but I've read up a bit on Revelations and the End Times.  I've read the whole Left Behind series and find it a great story, and it may very well be what is experienced by those who are not raptured.  Frankly, I think this particular group is made up of kooks.  The Bible itself says that only God knows when He will return.

The Sugar

Here in the South, folks are not diabetic, they have "The Sugar."  That translation being clarified,  if that affects you or anyone in your family, I encourage you to check out this guest post and follow up letters at SurvivalBlog.com over the past couple of days.  In good times, diabetes can be easily controlled with a bit of effort and planning, yet so many do not take care of themselves and suffer extensively for it.  In a SHTF or grid-down situation, without extensive preparation, diabetes will cause rapid problems.  In the book, One Second After, a diabetic little girl is a key character.  Her suffering is tragic.

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