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More Gear For Pathfinder School

We went out this evening to Dick's and REI for a last few items on my list for my Pathfinder School.  A week from now, I'll be in Ohio waiting for the meet up and convoy to the training grounds.

I needed to get a new self-inflating sleeping mat.  I had a decent one that I bought back in the late 90's when I was doing some winter camping for a few years.  Seems they need to be stored open and inflated.  If you store them tightly rolled for 12-13 years, they lose the ability for the foam to loft up.  Who knew?  Well, if I had bothered to read the tag, I would have, but I doubt it would have made several moves with me if it hadn't been rolled up.  Anyway, I got a Dick's store brand one.  My wife will sew a pocket for it into the bedroll she's making for me.

I got a small signal mirror with a sighting hole.  I can use it for putting in my contact lenses or getting the attention of rescuers if I get lost.

I picked up another fire starting tool and a different type of tinder.  For my video this weekend, I'll try two different fire starting tools and four different tinders - two store bought and two homemade.  Be sure to tune in to the YouTube channel for it (OBTW, thanks to the folks who have subscribed to the YouTube channel - it's growing slowly but surely).

I also got a Rite in the Rain Notebook and a Stowaway Space Pen for taking notes on all the great things I hope to learn from Dave Canterbury.

A 6 liter dry bag rounded out the evening's shopping.  We'll go back out to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports to look for a regional wild edibles book tomorrow, then a surplus store near my work for some MRE's.

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  1. i'm curious if you can post the list of "required" items to bring.

    or is that against the policy of the class? i mostly wonder how it compares and what is recommended by other survival type classes/training.

    looking forward to hearing more about your experiences.


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