Hip Shots

NOAA Warning

This will be quick tonight... The NOAA weather alert radio has been going nuts and we're under the third severe thunderstorm warning of the evening, and we lose power easily around here.

Doomsday Preppers

Watched the first segment tonight.  The young family in Phoenix with the aquaculture system in the old pool.  They seem very skilled and talented, but a bit shortsighted.  In the focus on a coronal mass ejection in 2012/2013 causing a loss of the power grid, they miss all the other, much more likely SHTF situations that could come.  They kind of remind me of my life in the countdown to Y2K.  I hope that when the power is still on in 2014, they don't chuck it all and go on to a typical suburban life.

The show would have more credibility if the "expert" who evaluates each family's preps is identified and we learn the expert's credentials.

I checked the production credits at the beginning, but did not see the lady that I was dealing with.  Must have been a different production company and TLC passed on the idea.

I'm looking forward to watching the other three families tomorrow night.

Nuke Plants

I'm still not terribly worried, but we need to pay attention, especially those in the regions...  Los Alamos nuclear lab is threatened by the New Mexico wild fires and the floodwalls and buildings of the Nebraska power plant have been breached by flood waters. 

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