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Hazard Training in Hampton

Now, this will only be of interest to those in the Tidewater region of Virginia, but I know there are several reading.  Also, for those in other areas, keep your eyes out for similar session in your locales since September is National Preparedness Month, and I'd imagine a lot of places will have these classes.

Anyway, this is from yesterday's Daily Press newspaper:

"The Hampton sheriff's office will host a free community awareness training session for disaster preparedness at the Hampton Roads Convention Center on Sat. Aug. 20 from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  The trainers are members of the National Sheriff's Association's Homeland Security Initiatives.  Topics include how to create a family disaster plan, what to include in a family disaster kit, crisis response and terrorism.  To reserve a seat call 757-926-2540."

Now, if you are already doing things like reading this blog, you are probably ahead of the curve on what they are going to teach, but if you have a session like this near you, it might be a great, non-threatening way to get a friend or family member keen to the idea of prepping.  Even if they don't know that you have an interest in prepping, "Hey Bill, did you see this class they are doing in a couple weekends?  It's free, and it might be important with all the trouble going on the world.  Want to go?"

I'd like to go to this, but I am in a wedding that day.  If you go to this, or any similar class in your area, if you'd write up a guest post about the class, I'd love to have it.  I'll even send you an official If It Hits The Fan paracord wristband as a thank you if I use your post.

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Keep checking back over the next couple of days... I'll have a big announcement.  Those of you who have liked us on Facebook already know ;-)

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