Rifle For Sale

Nice Remington 700P

An old friend from my Marine Corps days is selling the following:

Remington 700P .308, tactical heavy barrel in Stainless Steel and sent away to have a coat of black Cerakote put on it. It has a Bell and Carlson Medalist Tactical Adjustable Stock, a Badger Ordnance Thruster Tactical Compensator and Bolt Knob, Harris Bipod, with a Leupold scope. $1,500.00

It's a pretty sweet piece, wish I could swing if myself.  He's in Central Virginia if you are looking for a face-to-face purchase.  I don't know if he's interested in shipping to an FFL in another state or not.  It you are interested, email me with your contact information, and I'll pass it on to him.

It Almost Hit The Fan

This morning, sometime between 5:30 and 6, about 8 miles from our house, an airplane crashed into a backyard. The homeowners only heard their dogs barking, and didn't know what happened until they finally answered one of many phone calls they got.  Seems the pilot had flown down from New England and missed his first approach to the airport, but ran out of fuel coming back in.  He was heading for a field, but clipped some trees.  It's fortunate that he missed any houses.

Where do you have your preps stored?  Are they all in one part of the house or garage?  This is a prime example for the benefits for spreading them around different locations.  A tornado could take out the work shop, a tree could fall on the garage, or a plane could land on your house.  "Don't keep all your eggs in one basket," our ancestors used to say, and it wasn't just a folksy saying, it's a good idea.


  1. What a great point! I don't have the ability to store in areas on land since we don't own any yet, but I think this encourages me to get a storage unit. I've been putting it off. Right now there is a fire a few miles from us, making me a little nervous but I trust our soldiers to get it out. Still....makes me think.

  2. Hey Army Wife,

    I hope they get that fire out! I'd think twice about a storage unit if there is any way to avoid it. That's $75-100 a month that could go elsewhere. Some ideas might be to store some things under different beds in different parts of the house, keep some things that don't need temperature control in the trunk of the car, regular sized canned goods will fit under the couch, be creative. If you have some good friends that live nearby, ask if you can keep a rubbermaid bin or two in their place. I'm guessing you are in base housing? That will limit your options some, but you'd be amazed where you can stash some canned goods or bottles of water discreately.


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