Bats In Britain

When Guns Are Outlawed

Good Grief!  The riots in London are hitting their 4th night.  I heard on the radio on the way home that the "bobbies" are planning on 16,000 police officers being out tonight to try and control the streets.  Also, they are considering using plastic bullets... (I'm thinking water cannons and OC foggers myself). 

Now, for the regular citizens of London and the cities and towns around (and all of England as far as I know), any type of gun for defense is strictly outlawed.  A number of years ago, an old codger used his single barrel shotgun to shoot a burglar who broke into his home in the middle of the night while the old guy was home.  In fear for his life, he shot the multi-time convicted felon.  The burglar became the victim and the old guy went to prison.

Over the past few years, knives have also become illegal in England.  Outside of the kitchen, you'd best not have one.  A Swiss Army Knife in your pocket will get you arrested.  A Spyderco will get you thrown under the jail.

So what are Londoners doing in response to these massive riots with arsons, beatings, robberies and assaults?  Buying baseball bats!  Check out this page from Amazon's UK site.  In 24 hours, one particular bat has gone from the 8,893rd best selling sporting good to the 17th!  An increase of 52,211%!!!  These folks are desperate for defense.

If you are a US reader, don't give up your rights.  Regardless of what folks say, it CAN happen here.


  1. You better believe it can happen here! Geez, what is wrong with people?

  2. I'm in complete agreement. I not only think it can happen here, but with all the "flash mob" crime already happening and gang violence becoming common in some places, I think it's only a matter of time before it WILL happen here. I think there is an element that is always looking for an excuse (and the likelihood of getting away with it) to take advantage of any situation.

    The idleness brought about by unemployment, dropping out of school, etc combined with fear of the "something for nothing" system we have drying up will spark rioting in our big cities before long.



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