Deadly Day

After the horrific losses today in Afghanistan, my thoughts and prayers are with the men who were killed, their families and the entire special operations community.

Thanks to Ggooddssman for making this and putting it on his You Tube channel

Thanks To All Who Serve

Tonight we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant where you share a table with total strangers.  At the last minute, they crammed one more couple into our table, and sat the husband next to me.  We struck up a conversation, and turns out that they are newly weds, she's a nurse at the VA hospital, and he is a CWO3 Army warrant officer.  He's stationed at the base near where I work, and is an Apache helicopter pilot.  After four tours in Iraq, he now gets a stateside rotation to work as a test pilot on helicopters that the mechanic trainees work on.  As I told him, I have a special fondness for Apache pilots due to a battle in Kuwait where one swooped in and really gave us a needed hand.  I also really appreciate his wife being a nurse at the VA.  I had the waitress put their drinks on my bill.  They were truly appreciative, but I'm the one who was really thankful for the opportunity to do that small gesture of thanks for them.

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  1. This is a truly saddening loss. As a retired Special Forces Operator it is an especially hard hit for me. I have lost to many of my fellow soldiers over the years to combat. I agree with you about the Apache pilots, they have saved my bacon more than I would like to admit. It crushes my heart to have lost 31 more of my brothers but they have a special place in heaven waiting for them. God Speed my Brothers, God Speed.


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