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My Current Kit

I mentioned that I had updated my EDC kit, so I thought I'd let you know what it now has.

I was using a small Sony pouch, but although it had a belt loop, the snap that kept the belt loop attached to the pouch kept popping open.  It was no risk of losing the pouch, but it made it dangle.  The pouch was also a bit small.  I've upgraded to the Lowepro Ridge 30.  Now this has nothing to do with Lowe's hardware store, it is Lowe packs and camping gear.  If you were a fan of The Survivalist series of books by my pal Jerry Ahern, you should remember that John Thomas Rourke carried is gear in a Lowe Alpine Pack.  I don't know if they still make the Alpine pack, but this gives me a little connection to JTR.

Anyway, here's a picture of the contents:
I like that this pouch has a sewn belt loop, and is plenty roomy.  In the outermost flap pouch, I have about 40ft of bank line for my cordage.  I don't like that the zipper on that part goes up to close, but I've never had the line fall out.  In the middle part, I have the 3x3 pad, two exam gloves, about 10ft of adhesive tape, an alcohol pad, a small mirror, and a small Quick Clot pad.  In the main compartment, I have a Bic lighter, an eyeglass repair kit, a tube of 15 SPF Chapstick, an LED flashlight, a Wegner Swiss Army Knife, and a pack of Band Aids.  There is still a little room, so I need to figure out a couple other small necessities.  I might get a trash bag in there for emergency cover, but I'm not sure.  This is discreet enough that it fits in fine with any clothing, up to and including a suit.  It can pass for a cell phone holster.

Elevated ThreatCon

I had to go on the local Army base this afternoon, and they seem to be at an elevated security level.  I guess between the 9/11 anniversary and the Reno shooting of the National Guard soldiers yesterday...  As I was getting the Element searched by a very nice young soldier, he was impressed with my gear in the back.  "Wow," he said, "You have a pretty good Go Bag set up in there!"  When I popped open one of my containers, he saw a copy of Self Reliance Illustrated with Dave Canterbury on the cover.  As I went to close the container, he had me wait while he looked at it.  "I know that guy!"  I expected him to mention Dual Survivor on Discovery, but he said, "that guy is on You Tube, my brother turned me on to him!"  "I loved his video where he made a sling bow from sling shot cords!" 

I told him I had been through Dave's class this summer.  It would have been a great time to slip him an If It Hits The Fan business card, but alas, I haven't had any made yet.

Also, as a part of the security, they had soldiers with M-16s with magazines in place watching the vehicle searches.  Inside the entrance and exit gates, they had up-armored Hummers with SAW machine  with magazines in place bipoded on the roof and some motivated soldiers manning them.  Made me feel good that they looked to be taking things seriously.

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  1. I work at an Army installation. The elevated threat level notice went out several days before the Reno shootings and applied to at least all the Army installations -- not sure about the other services. It was described as precautionary.


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