Operation Exfiltration

Occupy Richmond Report

Today was the big day...  Carried the ladies to the theater and monitored the Occupy Richmond across the street, planning for an extraction from a hot LZ if needed.

When we got there, there was an abortion rally already going on in the park, complete with a stage and a PA system.  I started with my planned observation post on top of the parking deck, but my view of the park was blocked by trees.  I walked down to the corner of a dorm building, right across the street from the rally and took up a position there.  I had a small emergency kit with me that included some N95 masks and I was wearing wrap around shooting glasses, just in case things got out of hand and the police started deploying OC spray.  I found a couple of empty parking spaces on the side street very close to the intersection, so I went back and moved the BOV down.

That rally ended with no disturbances, and then the occupy group started moving in.  The stated objective of the Richmond group was to end the Federal Reserve.  That's actually something I agree with them on.  The problem is that every radical leftist with a progressive agenda piggybacked on and signs represented anti-nuclear, tax the rich, free college education, free health care, anti-Israel, and everything else you can imagine were being carried around. 

Thankfully, all remained peaceful.  When we pulled out after the play, there were about 350 protesters, and probably 20 police.  I hope the Richmond group has some class and keeps things peaceful... but I'm glad I had plans and preparations in place just in case the turned bad early.

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  1. Glad everything went well. It also goes to show that old military saying is still valid, No good plan survives contact with the enemy.



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