Product Review: Mandoline Sli... ummm Quick Clot

Dehydrated Apple Time - Or Is It?

Sunday we went to Carter Mountain, across the street from Jefferson's home at Monticello, and picked about 70 lbs. of apples.  Fifty are Fuji for me to dehydrate on the Excalibur, and the rest were Stamen for my wife to bake and hopefully can.

Tonight I broke out the mandoline slicer and... using my fingers, instead of the provided safety holder... sliced the ever-living mess out of the tip of my thumb.  Stupid! The blood was flowing like water.

I had a small 2x2 inch Quick Clot pad in my EDC kit, so my wife got it out for me and I doubled it up on the wound.  That stuff works!  It didn't immediately stop my bleeding completely, but it slowed it significantly.  After soaking through the Quick Clot pad and a wadded up paper towel, I pulled it off to put a fresh gauze pad on.  It had stopped bleeding after about 10 minutes, but I think a few days of bandaging will be needed.  It's about the size of a pencil eraser, and pretty deep.  I'm guessing the flap of skin will die and fall off eventually.  I'm pretty sure that a larger size Quick Clot pad would have done the trick totally.  I will definitely do what I've been planning, and buy a bunch of them for our various first aid kits.

More on the apples when I get my giant thumb turban off so I can type better.


  1. Is this going to be your next Youtube video? You might start a new trend, combination product reviews....

    I've got QuickClot in both vehicle kits but none around my house. That's probably something I need to remedy the next time I order medical supplies.


  2. And what have we learned? <-- just teasing


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