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Library Resources

In an effort to make If It Hits The Fan more of a resource to you, I've added a page at the top entitled, Library Resources.  I've been coming across lots of great documents and resources and will be adding them in here.  Right now, it goes to the If It Hits The Fan Page at keepandshare.com where you can download or read these documents in .pdf format. That may change in the future if I can find a better way to share them.  I just put up two anti-terrorism documents.  The first is a 60 page booklet from the Joint Chiefs of Staff entitled: A Self-Help Guide To Anti-Terrorism.  The second is a pocket reference card of individual protective measures.  Check them out and feel free to share the links with your family and friends.

The Long Road Home

Well, I tried out my alternate route this evening.  It took me about an extra six miles and 15 minutes over my normal route.  I missed about 6 miles of the main drag (took 12 miles with all the zig zagging), but there's no way to miss the last two miles.  I also had to cut through a large cemetery, and got me a bit turned around.  I need to get a overhead shot of it and highlight the path so I avoid all the twists and turns.  I'll continue to look for other routes out of town, and once I get three or four effective ones, I'll probably use one every couple weeks or so to keep in practice. 

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