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If you are on Facebook and came of age reading the great series of adventure novels, "The Survivalist," by Jerry Ahern, you really ought to go to the "The Survivalist" page on Facebook.  It's a closed group, but send the moderator a message to get cleared - tell him I referred you.  They do that to keep the spam out.  There's some cool stuff on the page: pictures of US and UK covers of the books, "what if" discussions about the books, and Jerry Ahern himself is a frequent commenter and and an all-around nice guy.

Caloric Value of Wild Game

My buddy, Mitch, over at Native Survival, just put out this list of wild game and how many calories it has per pound... some really surprising things that might make you rethink your plans for protein if you have to depend on game to live.  Mitch has some great instructional videos on his YouTube channel too.

Game Calorie's per Pound List
-Deer: 1100
-Caribou: 1100
-Hog: 1100
-Raccoon: 1000
-Opossum: 900
-Eel: 750
-Muskrat: 750
-Beaver: 700
-Rabbit: 525
-Turkey: 500
-Elk: 500
-Moose: 450
-Trout: 430
-Turtle: 350
-Bass (whole): 200
-Perch (whole): 125
-Sunfish (whole): 85
-Squirrel (whole): 50

Surprises? Oh yeah. Raccoon basically a Deer in disguise? Moose only 450? That puts Rabbit and Turkey above Moose!

Trout basically a pound of Moose? Incredible! Ten Sunfish is 850? That's Easy Enough!

Does this change my hunting/fishing for meat priorities? You Bet!

This is USDA info i tracked down.


Big thanks to Mitch for researching and putting that list together!

The 8th of November

Today is the anniversary of a 1965 battle on Operation Hump in Vietnam where ambushed by 1,200 VC, 48 American soldiers were killed.  Medic Lawrence Joel recieved the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions that day.  Big & Rich (Rich is from Louisa Co., where we had the August earthquake Big is from Culpepper Co., right next door to Louisa Co., where we had the August earthquake) did a great song about the battle.  I first heard it in 2006 driving south from Devil's Tower to Cheyenne.  Something to show kids that real heroes aren't on MTV or the movie screen, they are risking their lives for their brothers.

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