Sew What?

Can You Sew?
Is basic sewing a fading skill?  It's really startling to talk to grown men and women who can't sew on a button, roughly mend a tear, make a hem, or sew on a patch.  I have the basic skills, learned in the Marine Corps and improved upon attaching shooting and motorcycle patches to jackets.  I'm fortunate that my wife is very skilled and can create her own clothes from scratch or from a pattern, as well as do alterations and repairs to existing clothes. 

In a societal breakdown, sewing could be a highly sought after skill.  My wife is amassing a large supply of notions, patterns and fabrics.  She has a high quality machine (which will be great as long as we have power service or generator fuel) and is always learning more techniques.  If there is a complete collapse, her skills and materials could be used for barter or for silver pieces.  I'd love to find an old foot treadle powered manual machine for when the the power goes away... I think there is one or two in the family still.

If you or someone in your home does not know how to sew, now is the time to learn.  Check your local fabric store, sewing machine specialty shop, or county parks and recreation office for lessons.  It's a great project for the early darkness hours of winter.  And, even if there is not a societal collapse, sewing is a useful skill to have just to maintain the clothes you have without paying the dry cleaners for simple repairs.

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  1. Thanks, you reminded me that my sewing kit has disappeared over the years. My skill is probably less than yours but I can do buttons & mend tears.


  2. I have a couple of small dollar store kits at work and in my car for buttons and what not. I always pick up the complimentary tiny sewing kits at hotels when I travel and add them to the Barter Larder.

  3. Great post! when I was a kid my mom had one of those old foot pedal sewing machines, now I'm wishing we still had it around. This is true of alot of those old, man-powered tools!


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