Tape It Up

The Magic Of Duct Tape

Back in the spring, a turkey tried to fly in front of my truck at 50 mph, and smacked into my driver's side mirror.  It separated the plastic frame a little bit, but other than an annoying whistle, there was nothing really wrong with it.  I've been driving the Element since summer, only using the truck for weekend dump runs and trips to Lowe's.  I haven't driven it since it got cold a couple weeks ago.  Today I got in it to move some furniture, and wouldn't you know it, the mirror assembly is no longer attached.  It just kind of rested there.

Rather than drive without the mirror, and risk a ticket, or even worse, a blind spot wreck, I fetched a roll of duct tape from the Element's emergency kit, and gave it a few wraps... good as new and perfectly stable.

Now Virginia is one of those nanny states where we need a government approved inspection of our cars every year (when I was a kid, it was actually every six months).  I'm not sure my duct tape repair will pass, so tomorrow I'll be using JB Weld to make it a permanant fix.

Just goes to show you that duct tape can fix darn near anything, and it doesn't have to be a major crisis for your emergency kit to be of use.

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