Christmas Can Be A Disaster

Prepping For Christmas

I'm not some kind of Scrooge, but Christmas and other holidays can lead to disaster if you don't do a little planning and prepping.  Here's a few ideas to keep in mind...

- Keep your tree watered, and make sure your lights are in good working condition.  Check out this You Tube video of how fast a tree can go up in flames. 

- If you are expecting deliveries from Amazon, etc... make arrangements for them not to sit on the front stoop all day.

- If you have boxes from a new TV or something like that, break them down and put them in bags rather than leaving them out by the curb for the whole neighborhood to see.  Of course, a better idea is to use them as cover for killing grass and adding to your garden footprint, or just burn them in a New Year's bonfire.

- Don't go overboard... make it an all cash, paid for celebration... avoid credit if you can.

- Use it as an opportunity to spread the prepping lifestyle and ideas.

- Make sure your gutters are clean in case you get a heavy snow or freezing rain.

- Clean that chimney.

- Be aware of plants that can be poisonous to pets and children.

- Don't forget Charity.

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