More Library Additions

Good Stuff for Your Prepper Library

I've added some more documents to the Library Resources page that you can download absolutely free.

First up is a Congressional report on the threat to America from the Boko Haram terrorist group that has ties to al-Qaeda.  Download it here.

Next is a warning poster from the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism.  A unique thing about this poster is that in addition to the usual warning signs, it also details how frequently those warning signs are actually involved in terrorist attacks.  Download it here.

I've added a new category to the Library Resources page: Improvised and Non-Traditional Weapons. 

The first is an FBI booklet of concealable weapons such as disguised pocket knives, non-metallic knives, and concealment devices.  One interesting thing is that they show x-ray machine photos of many of the items.  Download it here.

I've also added a booklet from the Brunswick, ME police department showing a number of similar weapons.  The vast majority of the items in these two booklets are perfectly legal in most states and might give you some ideas of things to add to your arsenal or tool box.  Download it here.

If It Hits The Fan Facebook Page

We're only 8 fans away from hitting the 500 milestone on our Facebook page.  I'd love to see it hit 500 by the end of the week.  If you haven't become a fan there yet, please consider it, and suggest it to your friends.  I try to get a few brief items up there each week, beyond what we do here on the blog site, and it's a great way to interact.

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