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Get Paid To Eat Long Term Storage Food

NASA want to send you to Hawaii, feed you astronaut food, and pay you $5,000.  The catch?  You have to do it for four months, and according to this article from Forbes, "you have to have a bachelor’s degree in either math, engineering, biological or physical sciences, or computer science; you have to be a non-smoker; you have to speak English. Then if you are chosen, you have to live astronaut-style: in a small enclosure with strangers, with limited showers, writing daily reports."  I don't think it is for me, buy I bet folks will be applying left and right for it.

Whooping Cough

According to this article from Homeland Security Today, whooping cough is making a huge comeback and they are now saying that adults should all be vaccinated against it.  They've been vaccinating infants since the 40's, but one for adults has only come out in the past couple years.  They had an outbreak in California two years ago that infected over 9,000 people.  I don't remember whooping cough being a concern when I was younger.  Why is it making such a comeback?  I'm also not sure about a "new" vaccine...  I think I'll give it a few years (or longer) before I submit.

Ohio School Killings

The current news has three of the victims dead and two wounded.  This is the first mass killing by a student in a public high school in a couple years.  The killer's family first tried to say that he was a bullying victim, but now it is coming out that he was not.  He had some personality or behavior issues and was in an alternative school program, but he was not a bully victim. That is a cop out and pretty much a myth about school killers.  I'll be interested to hear Col. Dave Grossman's take on this next time I hear him speak.  My prayers are with the victims, their families and that community.


  1. I had whooping cough about 5 years ago, at the ripe old age of 38. I was probably exposed while on public transit, because I didn't know anyone who'd been sick or had small kids. As a military brat, I was vaccinated to within an inch of my life as a kid, but the doctor said those vaccines wear off. It was miserable, but in a SHTF situation it could have been a lot worse.

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  3. Jeanne - that's very interesting. I ride the city bus every now and then, and the potential for communicable diseases gives me the willies about it. Glad you came out ok!

    Josh - I like your blog, great start. I had been going for about 8 months with several thousand page views a month before I sold any ad space. Shoot me an email at ifithitsthefan @ gmail.com if you want and I'll give you some more info.


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