Thor's Hammer For Regular Folks

Cold Steel War Hammer

A very good friend with a long history  (about 30 years) of martial arts and a big focus on non-conventional weapons highly recommends the War Hammer from Cold Steel.  I need to get him to write a guest post about different alternative weapons.

Here's a video from Cold Steel of the War Hammer in action.


  1. cool but that would violate my number one rule of combat: never take a hammer to a gunfight. rule number two is: they are all gunfights.

  2. True, true... the guy who recommended it actually uses alternative weapons as a part of his physical conditioning. A bull whip for cardio is one example.

  3. I own one, recommended by my cop buddy. As I did glass work, we had to destroy 19mm bullet proof single layer Laminant glass, My ice pick bent when I hit it, the war hammer worked remarkable.


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