Spring Fever

It's Here

Wow.  Around here we sure did not have much of a winter, and once again, I'm way behind on getting done with cold-weather projects like clearing brush, cleaning under the crawlspace, building a couple bat houses, and building some lean-to storage space.  I didn't even get my lettuce planted soon enough.  My tomato plants are coming along in the greenhouse, but the peppers aren't doing so hot (no pun intended).

I've got to dig the beds for my small scale hugelkulture and top off my garden box with some more dirt and manure compost.  I need to finish the tent garage for Project BOV Jeep by attaching the cover to the middle few cross pieces.  I already started mowing the grass, so that will be ongoing.  I need to dig out and expand my strawberry bed.  Some of my direct sow seeds like cukes and watermelon will need to go in soon.  I've got some trees to take down and start stacking firewood to season.

On the writing front, I need to write two magazine articles for submission; my revisions to my book chapters are due to my editor within the next week or so; my first graduate school class is pretty writing intensive; and I need to keep up with my blogging in here.

It is going to be a very busy spring for me, but I'm really looking forward to it.  If you want to share any of your spring projects, leave a comment below, or send me an email with a guest post about it and some pictures if you want.

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  1. Spring cleaning is done, the garden beds go in this weekend.
    Everyone is busy the end of March, keep your chin up!


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