Tin Foil Hat Time... Or Is It?

I try to stay away from the conspiracy theories and black helicopters on here.  It's not that I don't lend any credence toward them, it is just that there are far better places to get that info.  Today, a couple of things popped up that got me thinking and I wanted to share them in case you missed them.

Un-Civil War

Alex Jones put this up today, along with a lot of other folks.  DHS Informant Says Government is Preparing for Massive Civil War.  Essentially, the writer's source has proven reliability and is in place to know such things.  He says that DHS believes that civil unrest and even war is on the horizon.  Look at the recent 450 million rounds of ammo that they recently contracted for and the urban military exercises going on in Florida.  I've seen military exercises in urban areas before, but always publicised ahead of time, on vacant buildings, and the police were only there for traffic control.  In this case, it was a joint exercise with the local PD and people in the area were surprised by it at 1 a.m.  Why is the military training with the police?  Military use in civilian law enforcement is outlawed under Posse Commitatus.

Prepping for the Wealthy

One of my oldest and closest friends is an ex-pat living in New Zealand.  He sent me this column from the ZeroHedge website that is primarily aimed at savvy investors on the world markets.  The author offers up a prepping plan for those with more money than time and outlines a way to spend $25,000 that will get a person equipped and trained (and training is a key activity that most "prep this way" lists often neglect.  If a respected investment website is pushing this information, then SHTF is definitely on the radar for those with money.

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