Just a Pinch

One thing I learned from Dave Canterbury was that every tool should have multiple uses.  I dipped Copenhagen for about 20 years, but quit cold turkey in 2003.  I guess I signed up for something or another with them back years ago, but over the past year or so they've been sending me coupons.  Today I got a package from them in the mail wishing me a happy birthday.  Turns out they sent me a tool with multiple uses.  It's a money clip (with my initials engraved on it) that has a bottle opener and a dip can opener built into the back of it.  I recently had to open a bottle using the rear bumper on the EMP BOV, so I think I'll use my new tool to hold a couple of $20 bills for emergency use, and bottle opening.

Chance to Win a M4 Bushmaster

The gang at http://www.isurvivedthezombies.com/ have a great contest going on with their Facebook page.  Go to their FB page, Like them, find the original posting of the contest announcement and share it on your FB page, then go to the website and subscribe to the newsletter.  On June 9th they'll draw a winner for a Bushmaster Carbon 15 M4 Flattop.  As I type this, there are less than 1,800 entrants, so you have a pretty good shot at winning.

.300 Blackout

Four Guys Guns is doing a Facebook promotion.  As soon as they hit 2,500 likes, (only 226 away right now) they will give away a .300 Blackout upper (would go great with the M4 above) and a ton of other great gear.  Like them and stand by for the details on how to enter. Edited with additional information - Four Gun Guys will give away some great gear at 2,500 likes and ANNOUNCE what they will do to give away the .300 Blackout upper.

Just for Fun

I recently started a Twitter feed for my other on-line project @TheImperialGoat is where I do cigar reviews.  One of the first things I did with the account was enter a contest with 24-7 Radio (there is a local affiliate that I listen to on a regular basis) to win an autographed copy of Bobcat Goldthwait's latest DVD, "You Don't Look The Same Either."  I just got it and watched it... hilarious!!!  He is filthy dirty, but very funny.  If you like standup and are OK with "blue," you ought to check it out.

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