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LDS Preparedness Manual

I got an email this weekend from Christopher Parrett, the gentleman who is the editor behind the famous LDS Preparedness Manual.  I have an older version in the library resources page, but he was letting me know that he has just released the newest version, the 15th edition.  It is available free of charge here.  I'll change out the link in the library resources page this week.

Chris puts a TON of work into this manual and makes it available free to everyone.  If you want an actual bound and printed version, he sells it at cost.  I really encourage folks to get the free download and share the link with friends and family who need some motivation to prepare.  This latest edition is a very slick, professional production, and has added articles and columns from many of the prepper writers and bloggers.  Yes, it is primarily aimed at LDS members, and there are some scriptural sections, but the vast majority of the manual is not religious at all.

Last Family On Earth

I got contacted this weekend by a casting director with Pilgrim Productions, asking me to share some information with you.  One of our regular readers, VT Paladin, sent me a news article on the same information a day or two prior.  They are now casting for a competition show that will air on Spike TV, called Last Family On Earth.  The basic premise is that couples (father/son, husband/wife, sister/sister, etc...) will compete in different competitions and contests to see who the best prepared family is.  The winner gets a $100,000 reservation for up to six family members in one of those luxury, time-share bunker complexes that has been on the news lately.

Pilgrim produces some of my favorite shows, Dirty Jobs, Top Shot, and Ghost Hunters, and they treat the folks on those shows respectfully.  I sent the casting lady an email back telling her that I was a bit hesitant to pass the information on to you all, because of the way that shows like Doomsday Prepper tend to portray people as nut jobs and extremists, but that I was willing to take a chance because of what I've seen on their other shows.  She assured me that the goal of the show is to show the positive aspects of prepping and to show respect to the participants.

With all of that, here is a link to their casting information.  If you are interested, check it out.  I just encourage you to be careful.  Good luck.

Long Weekend

A few years ago, working 16 hour shifts on my feet for a busy weekend was the norm for me, but I've gotten soft in the job I have now.  Sixteen hours on Saturday, 12 on Sunday...  I'm still beat!  I should be back to normal posts tomorrow.  I also have a video product review done that I need to get posted to the You Tube channel.

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