Storm Report

30 Hours

We had quite the doozy of a storm come through on Monday.  It started west of Richmond and went on through to the Chesapeake Bay.  It moved quickly, hitting each area no more than 10 or 20 minutes, but leaving a wake of destruction.  A couple of small tornadoes were confirmed, as well as some straight win bursts that hit 100 mph.  My brother stood on his porch and watched his neighbor's roof fly off, and the top 40 or so feet of a tree snap off and fly away.  At the AA ball park, the game got called in the 8th inning and fans rushed for shelter under the concrete bleachers as the left field fence took off.  At a friend's house about 15 miles from here, the boy's swingset took a beating and some large limbs came down on the garage.  At my Dad's about 10 miles away, yard and pool furniture went flying and a tree went down on the power lines.  Throughout the Richmond area, over 100 houses had trees down on them and 150,000 customers were without power.  Here we had a couple of twigs and leaves fall in the yard and a couple of standing puddles.  You wouldn't know we had more than a shower... but the power was out for about 30 hours.

Yet another time when I am glad to be a prepper and the generators made everything SO much nicer and comfortable

Tornado Shelters

Found this article today that shows a variety of tornado and storm shelters with links to the manufacturers.  Some of them are very cool looking.  More and more I think it is something we need to save up for.  If we lived in Tornado Alley, we would definately have one.


  1. Hey, Hang in there brother. We down south just had 26" of rain. Atleast we won't be complaining about watering the lawn for alittle bit. Joe.

  2. I've got a sister near Tampa that was out of town on vactation. She kept checking in with neighbors to make sure her house hadn't floated away. Hope everything turned out ok for you and yours!


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