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Welcome BuyEmergencyFoods.com!

I'm glad to welcome BuyEmergencyFoods as a sponsor to If It Hits The Fan.  They offer a wide selection of portable/emergency power, emergency kits, water filtration devices, and all kinds of choices in storage foods from Legacy Premium.  These foods come in individual serving pouches in stackable square buckets.  You can get anything from a family sample pack to 180 breakfast servings to 6,480 servings of meals.  Many selections are vegetarian friendly, and they have one selection that is gluten-free.  They also have buckets of side dishes, meats, and drink mixes.  Shipping is free and they offer a low price guarantee.

I'm looking forward to working with BuyEmergencyFoods and incorporating their products into my long term storage plans.  Please check out their site, and let them know you heard about them here at If It Hits The Fan.

New Website

Rourke, over at ModernSurvivalOnline, has a new website at http://www.asurvivalstory.com/.  It is a fictional blog, written as if he were a prepper, journaling in the lead up to and during a TEOTWAWKI situation.  It just started a couple days ago and looks like it will be an entertaining read.  If we're not careful, we just might learn something from it too.

Kind of reminds me of about 1998 or so when I got the idea to keep a journal of my activities in the build up to Y2K.  You know, for future generations to learn from as the world got rebuilt.  I didn't keep at for more than a few weeks.  I expect Rourke will keep this one going for quite a while.

Clutch Update

It is not as easy as you might think to find a part to a fairly obscure vehicle that was only made for 2 years 40 years ago.  None of the chain parts stores have the clutch cable I need.  I went to a local pick&pay junk yard and was shocked to find an older Kaiser Jeepster.  It had a different engine and an automatic transmission, so I was out of luck for the clutch cable, but I was able to get the lighting doohickeys that go behind the dash panel that I've been looking for and a piece of hose that is a part of the heater system.

Some Jeep forum links led me to find Quadratec.com, a supplier for Jeep parts from old CJ5s to the latest 4 door Wranglers with all the custom bits and pieces.  Their website showed nothing for the Commando, so I gave them a call just to see if they could maybe lead me in the right direction.  I told the guy what I was looking for, and he asked me to hold while he called their clutch part supplier.  A few minutes later, he came back on and said they have what I need.  He just needed a few minutes to add it to their inventory.  He called me back and we made the deal (only $29 including shipping).  I'm getting this thing sight unseen, so I'm not 100% sure it is the right one, yet.  If not, I think I can figure out a way to repair my broken one.  If it is, I'll still repair the broken one as a spare AND take BadVooDooDaddy's advice and order up another new one.  You know... for If It Hits The Fan.


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  2. IRT your Commando issue, Check Willys Overland of Clevland. They still produce alot of the OLD willys parts, which alot of them are compatible with the commando series vehicle.

  3. I'll check them out! Thanks!


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