Disaster Preparedness Fair

Free For Folks In The Tidewater Area of Virginia

I saw this flyer today advertising a free Disaster Preparedness Fair that the LDS church is putting on in Newport News, Virginia on Aug. 11 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

In addition to free admission they will have door prizes.  Topics covered include: 72-hour Emergency Kits; Long & Short Term Food Storage; Water Storage & Purification; Family Disaster Plans; Canning/Preserving; Gardening; Suburban Livestock; First Aid; Couponing; Document Handling; Financial Preparedness; Cooking & Lighting w/o Power; Generators; and Outdoor Demonstrations

It looks like they have some great topics, and a little more focused on overall self-sufficiency and preparedness than the county "Survivor Day" seminar that I went to this past winter.

I'm planning to attend with an old friend.  I'd love to meet some If It Hits The Fan readers if you are in the area and will also attend.  I'll bring it up again when we are a couple of days out.  I've tried calling the church for a website or contact person or something, but no one answered.  I'll keep trying and see if I can donate a couple of our If It Hits The Fan Survival Wrist Straps to the door prizes.


  1. I checked on line this afternoon, and other than the picture of the flier, I could find no other information on this. Is there a contact phone number? We live in Chesapeake and I'd like to bring my family up.

  2. Found the church number:
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    902 Denbigh Blvd Newport News Newport News,VA 23608 map
    (757) 874-2335

    I called and they confirmed: it's on for the 11th, 10-2pm.

  3. Jinn - thanks for passing that on. I've left a message for the Bishop asking if I can donate some things for the door prizes.

    I hope to see you and your family there. As we get closer, I'll tell folks on here what I'll be wearing and hope to meet some readers!


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