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.300 Blackout Upper

The .300 Blackout is the latest and greatest in AR15 technology.  The .300 round is essentially a 5.56 that has been necked down and out to take a 200+ grain .30 caliber bullet.  This gives you roughly 7.62x51 ballistics with everything except the barrel and chamber the same as standard 5.56 ARs.  I've fondled one, but have yet to shoot it (hopefully after the state rifle range reopens in Sept.).

The gang at gun review website, http://www.fourguysguns.com/ are giving away a .300 Blackout upper, along with a bunch of other great gear.  Go to thier website and follow the instructions (you need to have a Facebook account) and enter once a day.

Riot Shotgun

Grim Industry is giving away a riot gun.  Go to their Facebook page and follow the instructions to enter.

Massive Gear Collection

ISurvivedTheZombies is giving away a huge collection of gear to celebrate reaching 10,000 fans on Facebook.  Go to their FB page to enter.

If you are on FB, there are always great gear giveaways going on.  Of course, don't forget to like If It Hits The Fan's FB page.  I'm planning a giveaway when we reach 750 and 1,000 fans, so please tell your friends too!

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