Guest Post: Food Storage

A Guest Post from Harper

Food Storage for a Safe, Worry-Free Future

Having a food supply in case of emergency or hard times is essential in the world today. There is so much uncertainty about the future. You can never know when a natural disaster, major war, crop failure, economic collapse or other calamity will strike, affecting you and your family. The only thing you can do is be prepared. Let’s face it, we are currently living in a world of peace and plenty. You have no trouble accessing food and other basic needs. But this could change suddenly. Times could truly get hard, and the best thing you could do now is be prepared.

Let’s face it, having an adequate supply of food storage in case of an emergency is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Our current climate of prosperity, peace, and plenty is tenuous and fragile at best. It is foolish to assume that nothing bad will ever happen. Think about it. What would happen if a large-scale disaster closed the supermarkets where you live? How long would you be able to feed yourself and the other members of your family? How long would you last? What would you do if help didn’t come for months?

These are not far-fetched, purely hypothetical questions. Natural disasters, economic crises, and violent wars frequently thrust millions of people into these conditions. Disasters of this magnitude occur virtually every year, and you never know who will be affected next.

Various government agencies recommend having a food storage supply of up to one year for your family, in case of a truly cataclysmic local or world event. Of course, it is very difficult to purchase six months or an entire year’s supply of food all at once. The best way to prepare yourself for the worst is to prepare consistently and gradually. You can gradually build up your food storage supplies to safe levels in a matter of months or years, depending on your circumstances. For example, one can easily acquire a year’s supply of food storage in only six years by buying a month’s worth of food storage every six months. In matters as important as an emergency food supply, constant, consistent preparation is best.

There are many places to buy good, long-lasting food storage products. One that I recommend is shelfreliance.com. Shelf Reliance sells high quality, flavorful food with an extremely long shelf life. They also sell food storage organizers and rotation systems, as well as emergency preparedness kits packed with supplies that are essential during a short-term natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, or minor earthquake. Shelf reliance is also an excellent choice because 5% of the company’s food storage profits go to charity, helping starving people all around the globe.

No one knows what the future holds. If hard times should come, do not be among those who wish they had done more to prepare. Don’t let your family go hungry. Be prepared. Begin collecting food stores now. Ensure your family’s safety no matter what happens.


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  2. normal times i'd agree with that approach, but we likely don't have six years and maybe one year of food isn't enough. the depression lasted 12 years. tho nobody can store that much, you can store vast amounts cheaply by buying in bulk superpails. a year supply of rice,beans,grain and oats runs 3 or 4 hundred bucks. then just buy the stuff that makes the bulk foods eatable. after that, if time and cash permit, stock groceries to add to the basics. time is running out. bulk up now,flavor later.you'll thank me later:)


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