Hip Shots

Hip Shots are my very short and quick thoughts on prepping...

Still No Power

We're now at 72 hours in this power outage... + the 30 hours earlier in the week... inconvenient, but not too bad with the generators running the house and the new window A/C unit.  The rest of the house is about 85 degrees, probably 70 in the bedroom.

New Show Coming

I found out today that Dave Canterbury is coming back on TV partnered up with Myke Hawke on Outdoor Channel with a show aimed at teaching wilderness survival to youngsters.  Having been through Dave's training class with a couple of youngsters with us, he will be great at this.  The production schedule is much shorter than Dual Survival was so Dave will still have time to devote to his YouTube videos, training schools, and family.  Now I have to get Outdoor Channel.

Legal Again

I just got my renewed retired law enforcement credentials that allow me to carry concealed nationwide.  I'm against needing a permit to carry a weapon in general principal, and also against police having more "rights" than mere mortal citizens.  That being said, since I am eligible for this, I'd be foolish not to maintain it.  Funny thing is, it is actually more of a pain in the butt to maintain each year than a regular concealed weapon permit.

Independence Day

Tomorrow is, of course, Independence Day when we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of King George.  I'm a direct descendant of Carter Braxton who was hesitant to sign the Declaration and was hopeful that war would not be needed.  But when he did, he went in whole hog and spent his fortune helping to finance the Revolution.  A big thanks to great great great great great great great great grandfather Carter and all of the Revolutionaries who risked it all for our freedom.  I hope we don't squander what they left us.

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