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Storage Food Smack Down

I got an email last night from a public relations firm discussing a new study released by Mountain House that allegedly showed that their products had far less oxygen in them than Wise Food Storage products.  The email had a chart and everything. 

Now, for a time in my misspent youth, I studied advertising and PR in college and did an internship with a marketing firm.  I looked at this information from that standpoint... Why were they  focusing solely on Wise?  Why not look at other storage food manufacturers?  Who did the testing, and what is their background?  Why test (or report) only on oxygen levels?  Was this comparing apples to apples or to oranges?  In short, it just struck me as "funny."

Two of my sponsors, Directive 21 and Essential Packs, are Wise Food Storage dealers.  I gave Jeff "The Berkey Guy" Gleason of Directive 21 a call, and he told me that Wise had responded and that he had the information on the blog at his site.  Instead of me interviewing him and redoing what has already been done, I'll just link to the information that he posted, which includes the press releases both from Mountain House and from Wise.  I'd encourage you to check out the information for yourself.  As for me, I have some Wise in my food storage and I plan to have more in the future.

Crazy Critters

It's been bad enough lately that we've had to be on the lookout for face eating bath salt zombies, but there has been a rash of bizarre animal attacks over the past couple days too.

Maryland woman attacked by rabid deer

Oregon man gets the plague from a cat

Virginia girls attacked by a beaver

Alligator on the loose in Detroit River

SC Wind Tunnel

This giant wind tunnel in South Carolina is used to subject building materials and styles to simulated natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to fires to hail storms.


  1. Hi There,

    To answer some of your questions and concerns:

    The reason we focused on Wise Company was because we were concerned that their shelf-life claims might be exaggerated, given the packaging structure they use and their lack of oxygen absorbers. Oxygen is the variable that seemed most likely to degrade shelf life, in this situation.

    Emergency food storage is critical to families when there is a crisis, and we think it's extremely important for customers to be able to make informed purchasing decisions.

    In terms of apples to apples, both Wise Co. and Mountain House sell long-term emergency food storage products, which was the criterion we were addressing.

    In terms of the study, we asked Columbia Food Labs, an independent 3rd part laboratory specializing in food products, to test 30 pouches each of Wise (shipped in sealed, original packaging) and Mountain House foods, with comparable flavors where possible.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have:

    MH-info (at) ofd.com

    Thanks for your interest!

  2. Thank you for your information.

  3. I've had the wise, it sucks.

  4. Well, different tastes and opinions. I like it.


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