Product Review: Galco Paddle Back Holster


The Galco Paddle Holster

I've long been a fan of the paddle backed holster.  I first started carrying a Safariland one for my SigSauer P220 back in the early 90s and used that one for over 15 years until the paddle just broke down.  I like the paddle because it can be used with any size belt, or even no belt at all.  It holds the pistol securely through the normal day's motions, even with nothing but friction for retention.  It's easy to take off and put on, and the pistol does not have to be removed.  They are generally not for deep concealment, as they have a bit wider profile than a quality pancake or inside-the-pants holster, but they work to keep the pistol concealed from the casual observer.

About a year ago I got a Galco model CCP224B paddle holster for my Glock 17 and have been wearing it off an on during that time.  It is of the typical high quality that I have come to expect from Galco.  Where my old Safariland one had a leather paddle with some sort of fiber sandwiched in it, the Galco has a Kydex or similar plastic for a paddle.  The holster body is of heavy leather with tight and even stitching holding it together.  The paddle is held on with a large screw and is adjustable for cant or angle.  I've always liked a fairly straight up and down carry, but if I ever drop some of my "portliness," I'd try it with some forward angle to it.

The leather has held its shape well, and is not producing any wear on the pistol.  It has good retention friction and is easy to reholster with one hand.  It is easy and comfortable to wear.

About the only negative is a slightly rough edge on the paddle that is easily remedied with a fingernail file.

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