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Ever Heard of Todd Love?

We all have those friends who do nothing  but complain. 

Sometimes it's a co-worker you see every day.
"Hey Bob, how'r you doing?"  "Ohhhh, I had a root canal."

You probably have a bunch of them on Facebook.
"Wow, woke up with a killer headache again.  Just wish I could make it for a month without feeling like crap on a weekend." or "Life just isn't fair!  My life sucks!  I can't BELIEVE that she said that about me!"

This weekend, I heard about a Marine who really made me ashamed of ever complaining about something not going right or not feeling well.

Sometimes things happen that we can't prepare for.  When that happens, we really have only two choices... give up or beat it.  I'm thinking about catastrophic injuries or sudden losses of a spouse.  I'm sure we all know people who have come out on top from one of these situations, but we also know people who just gave up.  I figure that if you are mentally tough enough to beat it, then if that catastrophic loss does not happen, that toughness will be a huge asset when any SHTF situation happens.

Let me tell you about Cpl. Todd Love.

A 20-year-old Recon Marine, Cpl. Love jokes that he was sent out to look for IEDs, and he found one.  In October of 2010, he lost both legs at the hips and most of his left arm.  Four weeks later, he was able to get himself in and out of his wheelchair.  By April of 2011, he was home to Georgia on leave, then back to Bethesda for another 18 months of physical therapy. 

There are a lot of people that would get such an injury and just lay in bed feeling sorry for themselves, and fading away.  This is the picture of Todd Love that I saw this weekend of him running with Team X-T.R.E.M.E. in the Spartan Race 10.5 mile mud run in Leesburg, Va.

If we can develop just a small percentage of the mental toughness as this Devil Dog, we'll be so far ahead of the game during a disaster... whether it's a widespread TEOTWAWKI event, or a localized or personal disaster, the mental part is key.

Todd Love, if you ever see this, then let me say, as an old Marine Corporal myself, Semper Fidelis, and thank you for your service and your motivation.


  1. I am a young lady that has not accomplished much.I am proud that I was able to have the chance to do what I wanted, due to such men as this. From a little lady I give thanks to all that has been done to allow sissys to complain. I hope people will take a chance to read this and reflect upon themselves. As an American I hope I speak for many....THANK YOU XXXOOO!


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