And The Winner Is....

Congratulations To...

Ron Bowman!  Ron, please send me an email here with your mailing address and I'll forward it to Prepper Press.

Thanks to all who entered, but I gotta say, I'm surprised at how few entered.  I'll be doing another Prepper Press book giveaway soon, I really hope more folks enter.

If you didn't win, you can get your own copy of Joe Nobody's latest book, The Home Schooled Shootist - Training To Fight With A Carbine through my Amazon link here:

Ron, if you want to write up a review of this book after you read it, I'd love to use it as a guest post.

Made a Good Score Today

A guy I know put some pistol magazines up for sale on FB.  He had 6 like new Sig Sauer factory made stainless 8 rnd mags for the Sig P220, which is one of my carry guns.  He was asking $10 a piece, and I offered $40 for all of them.  Sold American!  Last time I bought Sig mags, I think I paid $29 each.  MSRP on these is $46.  I got $276 worth of mags for $40.  Pretty good deal, I'd say.  Plus, you can never have too many mags for your guns that use them.

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