Look Up For More Storage

Space Is A Valuable Commodity

Our kitchen has pretty limited counter space and cabinets.  We only have two drawers.  Overall, it is a good size kitchen, just poorly designed.  I've been keeping my Berkey water filter kind of stuck on the edge of the sink, right against the edge of a cabinet.  The spigot is over the sink, so you need to hold your glass down in the sink.  It's easy to refill with the sprayer hose, but it was really in the way.  I had been keeping it at the far end of the counter, hanging off the edge.  It was easy to use, but prevented the door from the far cabinet from opening all the way.

Today I tried a new location.  We have a tall, deep refrigerator, with only two small cabinets above it.  I can't reach the cabinets without using a step stool, and we only keep a couple things up there that we hardly ever use.  I moved the Berky to the top of the refrigerator with the spigot sticking over the side.  It's very easy to get to for filling a glass of water.  To keep the Berkey filled, I need to lift the whole unit down each time rather than just keeping it topped off, but I don't think it will be too much of a pain.

Doing that got me thinking about what else we have high up.  Above our kitchen cabinets, we have about a foot and a half of open space (9 feet tall ceilings) that is almost useless.  We have a few knick-knacks up there, but they serve no purpose other than collecting dust.  They are so high up that people really don't see them.

I think it would be pretty good to use that space for prep storage like freeze dried foods or other relatively lightweight items.  To keep them concealed and the kitchen looking nice, I'm thinking either some curtains, or maybe putting a grooved 1x1 along the ceiling and along the top of the cabinets and making some simple sliding door coverings.

I guess it gives new meaning to the phrase, "things are looking up."


  1. cardboard boxes, with lids or the flaps left intact, make good dust-free containers and they are free. To make them nicer, paint or cover with contact paper, material, wallpaper, etc. A quick and easy fix.

    We all probably have more storage space if we look up, under and behind.

    1. Good suggestion, Bellen - boxes make it a lot easier when stashing canned goods and whatnot under the bed or in obscure corners. I even know someone who has a couple of boxes full of gear covered with a table cloth as an end table in the living room.


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