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National Preparedness Month Wrap Up Event

I'm excited to be a part of a program this week where each day, a group of bloggers will answer a particular prepping question, and link to each others' sites so that our readers can compare our answers and be exposed to other ideas. We also invite our readers to participate by answering the day's question in the blog comments section.

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Tuesday's Question:

How critical will groups and community be during a WROL (Without Rule Of Law) situation?  If important, what suggestions do you have for fostering it?
I think that the idea of an organized group of preppers, riding out TEOTWAWKI on their large retreat compound sounds good in a novel, but realistically I think it is unfeasible for most of us.  Community as it is commonly looked at... a neighborhood or town, probably will not be of much use during a true WROL situation.  There are too many variables... the unprepared, the criminal, the collectivists.  I think that a community of like minded individuals would be crucial.  These may be people that are in the same town or county, perhaps fellow church members or civic group members, who all have prepping in common, regardless of how physically close they live (within reason).  These can be the people who can help organize their neighborhoods and physical communities that will be needed to eventually restore the rule of law.

To help foster this, I've done some things in the recent past and will be continuing with my efforts.  Last Wednesday I set up a static display at the local firehouse during a Preparedness Town Hall sponsored by our state delegate and members of the board of supervisors.  I met quite a few local folks who want to improve their preparedness.  From that, I'm doing some talks at local churches and civic groups to spread the message of preparedness and self-sufficiency.  I also have a great relationship with my immediate neighbors who practice preparedness and would be invaluable allies during a WROL situation.

How critical will groups and community be during a WROL (Without Rule Of Law) situation? If important, what suggestions do you have for fostering it?


  1. I listened to a on-line group that said that if you was not a homesteader then you were up the creek without a paddle. I have found no one who is on the same line with me. I have not had a good response trying to start up conversations just on simple things. So I guess for me and mine a wrol would not be a good thing. Thank you all for doing these questions.

    1. Your comment here is what kind of led me to The Big Tent post from yesterday. Don't give up on trying to meet new folks who might be budding preppers. The Survival Podcast has a couple of good episodes on "recruiting."


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