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Welcome Aboard to Alerts USA!

I'm very excited to welcome Alerts USA as a new sponsor to If It Hits The Fan.  I first became aware of them about a year ago and was interested in signing up for the service, but never actually got around to it.  I recently became reacquainted with the service and was able to not only gain Alerts USA as a sponsor, but also a fantastic deal for my readers.

Alerts USA is kind of a cross between NOAA weather alerts, a CIA intel briefing, and having a friend working behind the scenes to give you advanced warnings and immediate notification on all kinds of threats... all sent to your cell phone or other mobile device.

So here's the deal for you guys.  Alerts USA's normal subscription price is $169 a year.  They frequently have it on sale for $99.  If you go to the special landing page and use the code IIHTF, you'll get the year subscription for only $75!

I'm really excited about this deal and hope lots of you will take advantage of it.  As preppers, we owe it to ourselves to keep aware of potential threats in the world.  I know that in my regular job, I'll be very glad to get this information on a regular basis.

Alerts USA also has two other programs that are free...  Threat Journal is a free weekly newsletter that they put out with tons of great information.  They have a sign up bonus of a free 2.5 hour downloadable audible preparedness course.  I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I'm sure I'll pick up some good information.

Their other program is unique, and a great way to give back to the public... RadTest4U is a great FREE deal they are sponsoring with the folks from KI4U (who bring you the NUKAlert that I carry as a part of my EDC kit).  With RadTest4U, you send them your car or home HVAC filter, they check it for radiation, and send you the results?  Live downwind of a nuke plant?  Live in Seattle and are concerned about Fukishima residue?  Give this FREE program a try.

Don't forget the Alerts USA huge discount using IIHTF (or iihtf - case doesn't matter), and stay alert.

One special note - if you look up Alerts USA on Google, you'll come across a lot of BBB complaints about Alert USA (no "s") - that is for one of those deals where senior citizens get a pendant to contact EMS - "help I've fallen and I can't get up" - they have no connection to Alerts USA.

Another note - for some reason, my hosting service is acting up and not letting me make any changes to my advertising tonight.  Here is Alerts USA's ad, look for it on the left as soon as I can get it posted.

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  1. I've been a subscriber to Alerts USA since January and have liked it. None of the alerts has directly effected me but that's not the point of something like to to me. I fully intent on continuing my subscription when it's time to renew.

    A side note, Threat Journal has a fairly active Facebook page that covers articles etc that you probably won't otherwise hear about.



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