Prepping For Fun

It's Not Always About TEOTWAWKI

One of the basic principles of modern survivalism is that everything we do to prepare for disaster should also make our lives better even if nothing goes wrong.  One way to do this is to use our preps for recreation.  Tonight I did something cool and fun and got a little prepping mixed into it.

My wife and I went with her sister and her husband, along with our niece and nephew, to a corn maze.  If you've never been to one, it's where a farmer has grown his corn is a maze pattern, with hidden map pieces, clues and surprises throughout.  This particular one was way out in the country and the maze field covered five acres, with two miles of pathways.  We tromped around for nearly two hours, finding 10 of the 12 map pieces and clues.  During that time, a pedometer showed that we walked right about three miles.

So where does prepping fit in?  The folks running the maze require each group to have a flashlight.  We used our headlamps, keeping our hands free and lighting up where ever we turned our heads.  Several other groups that we passed commented on what a good idea it was.  I'm a huge fan of the headlamp for everything from checking skunk traps in the backyard to working on the EMP BOV to setting up a campsite after dark.

About an hour into it, as we came across map section 6 for the third or fourth time, I thought it would have been a great idea to bring a GPS unit to track our route and show us when we were doubling back over the same path.  It would be a great way to practice using it and learning how to track our movements.

We also could have used our Camelbacks.  We really didn't expect to be in there for two hours of constant walking.  We were all pretty thirsty by the time we were done.  It would have been handy for carrying a few extra batteries for the lights and a couple of snacks.

It was also good to get out there and hike on the uneven terrain, getting some exercise that could mentally be practice for orienteering or escape and evasion.  Don't limit your prep activities to worst case scenarios.  Have some fun too.

Welcome to a New Sponsor!

I'm glad to welcome Ron Douglas and the Self Reliance Expo as a new sponsor of If It Hits The Fan.  I had a great time at the Expo in Hickory, N.C. last month.  The next Expo is in Mesa, Arizona later this month on Oct. 26 and 27.  There will be a ton of great vendors, including several of our other sponsors.  Speakers include Lisa Bedford, aka Survival Mom and Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy.  If there is any way you can make it to Mesa, I really encourage you to do so.  You can get tickets here.

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