Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Thankful For...

First and foremost, my lovely and wonderful wife.  She has a tremendous amount of patience with my prepping and other hobbies, and she is the reason I prep.

I'm also thankful for you all taking time out of your days to read this blog, leave comments, send me emails, and even travel to public events to say hi.  When I started this two and a half years ago, I never would have guessed that I'd be reaching so many folks and having an impact on the preparedness community.  Thank you for making me a part of your days.

Christmas Shopping

As you do your shopping, can I ask a favor?  Please visit our sponsors and affiliates to see if they can fill your needs.  Please tell sponsors that you heard about them here at If It Hits The Fan.  On the affiliates, please use the links in the right column to reach them.  That automatically shows that you came from here, and I earn a small commission for purchases you make.  Same thing with Amazon.  If you enter Amazon through my links or my Amazon Store, I'll earn a small commission off of everything you buy, even it is something completely unrelated to my link, just so long as you enter through my link.  It doesn't cost you anything extra and the commissions help me buy products to review or additions to my preps.  Thanks!

If you need some gift ideas (or some things to add to your wish lists) simply go to the search box in the right column and enter "book review" or "product review" (I guess you could enter "review" and get all of them) to be linked to a list of all of my reviews.

Revolution on NBC

We watched this week's episode last night.  It wasn't the best one of the series, a pretty dumb premise for the major issues this week.  I did like this week's tribute to old TEOTWAWKI movies.  One of the rebels was General Starkey.  In The Postman, President Starkey was the fictional president of the Reformed United States that the Postman read made up letters from to motivate town's people.  "Stuff's getting better, stuff's getting better every day."

I hope that each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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