Did Santa Help Your Preps?

He Got Me Some Good Gear

I got some good non-prepping gifts, Get Smart - The Complete Series Gift Set, a Bali-Song-style Silver Flash Butterfly Can Bottle Opener, and some nice cigars.

Otterbox Defender

I've been using a Griffin case for my iPhone 4 for about a year and a half.  It's a great case, but really more than I need.  It is thick rubber and very water resistant.  I am very happy with the Otterbox.  It is almost as protective as the Griffin, but a little thinner, and not as "sticky."  It also makes it easier to use the camera because the Griffin has a rubber flap that must be moved and held out the way.  The Otterbox doesn't.

Col. Littleton cell phone pouch
Col. Littleton makes some fantastic leather gear, much of it available through Orvis.  I carry my iPhone and a Blackberry for work, and I've been toting them in a Lowe Alpine belt pouch.  It was functional, but ugly.  My new Col. Littleton pouch is very well made leather, and it holds both phones easily and securely.  I love the look of it which is very reminiscent of a WWII-era GI flap holster for the 1911.

Desantis Ankle Holster

I got this rig for my new Kahr CM9.  It is very comfortable, and I've been wearing it almost constantly since Christmas Eve.  It is easy to conceal, and fairly quick to draw from.  This is going to become a part of my EDC gear.

Pocket Chainsaw

I've long had the pocket chainsaws made from braided wire with split ring loops on the end.  They work pretty well, but have limited durability.  I've been wanting to try this type, and have heard good things about them.  After I give it a good workout, I'll do a video product review soon.

War Hammer

I never thought that I would need a hammer like this, but I'm really looking forward to using it.  It is really designed as a wrecking bar tool with prying spots, nail pullers, a chisel, and even a bottle opener... but seems like a great improvised impact weapon as well.  Makes me feel a little like Thor.  I'll shoot a product review video of this as well.

I also got a Maxpedition S-Type Jumbo Versipack (Od Green), but it is worthy of a whole post on its own.

I gave some prepping items to a few friends and family, but some haven't been delivered yet, so those are still secret.

How was your Christmas?

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  1. My family is starting to "get it", as shown by their gifts to me this year......

    A pressure cooker from Mom
    A new pitch fork from my young sons (old one broke)
    8 new pairs of gardening gloves from another son
    and a pair of Cobra 2-way radios from the oldest son!

    Woo Hoo!


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