Product Review: Card Sharp Knife

Video Review

I'm trying to get back to more video production.  Here's a quick review of the Card Sharp credit card knife from Survival Gear Bags (to order it, please use the SGB link on the right side of the page here).

13 Rules of Gunfighting

Anything you can think to add?

I don't know the source of this, who the guy in the photo is, or if the quote from TJ at the bottom is real or not.

.22 Rifle Build - First Fail

The new Savage is coming along nicely.  I'm ordering an aftermarket stock tomorrow.  I got this sling from Amazon.

Don't waste your money.  It's junk.  The cotton webbing might be good for a beach tote bag.  The slide clamp won't get tight enough to hold it in place.  It's too short.  This sling cannot be used effectively as a USMC-training hasty or deliberate sling.  Might work ok for a kid's BB gun, or for a wall hanger, but if you want to use a sling for its intended purpose, stay away from this one.

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